Why the Work of EPX Matters


For home builders, liability costs are a paramount and key concern. The universal objective of EPX members is to reduce risk for builders through a rigorous quality assurance process that prepares builders to build high-performance homes, resulting in fewer service calls and warranty complaints – and potentially millions of dollars of savings for large-scale builders. The biggest home builders in the U.S. are tackling sustainability challenges and creating a market for sustainably built homes. They are finding they can build and sell more homes, at a better price point, faster, by building sustainably. Finally, home energy ratings are a marketing tool for builders who want to differentiate themselves for buyers seeking greater durability, comfort, safety and health, and lower operating costs.


Energy raters face challenges in keeping up with the ever-evolving and increasingly complex Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) standards. To stay on top of the changes, raters seek access to a dedicated resource that will guide and nurture them through the process with tools, training and consulting.


Organizations that are influential in creating energy efficient housing – including industry associations, construction and building professionals, utility companies, government code officials, state energy offices and real estate professionals – seek various areas of support. They seek technical resources on local, regional and national energy efficiency codes, standards and compliance issues; sources of field data demonstrating trends in energy efficient new homes; providers of educational trainings about building sustainably; and sources of information about the impact of energy efficient construction on quality of life.


American consumers are getting more educated and savvy about the benefits of energy efficiency, and are motivated by economic and environmental factors to live a more energy efficient life. They are trending toward asking for homes with features that lower their operating costs and are built to last, and that keep them warmer, safer, healthier and more comfortable. EPX members’ products and services for builders and raters are used to create these high-performance homes that consumers are demanding.


The work of EPX addresses all of these industry gaps.